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Install the Insight Enrichment Server (Non-FedRAMP)

This topic has instructions for installing v1.5.0 of the Insight Enrichment Server (Non-FedRAMP).


The CSE Insight Enrichment Server can be installed on any Windows system with a Vista+ or Server 2008 or newer operating system. It does not have significant RAM or CPU requirements so it should be fine running on almost any hardware.

You must have local administrative privileges to install the Insight Enrichment Server. By default, the server runs under the LocalService account on the machine. If the Insight Enrichment Server needs privileges to perform actions as a different user, see Run the server under a service account, below.

The installation process requires a valid configuration file before the installation is started. Before installing the server, create a configuration file for the server, as described in the Insight Enrichment Server topic. 

Installation Process 

The Insight Enrichment Server is packaged with an interactive installer. You’ll be prompted to supply the following configuration options when you run the installer.

  • Installation Directory. By default, the Insight Enrichment Server will be installed in C:\Windows\SumoLogic\EnrichmentServer. Sumo Logic recommends that you accept this default. 
  • Enrichment Service Credentials. If you need to run the server under a user with different privileges than the LocalService, provide them when prompted. See Run the server under a service account below for account requirements.
  • Configuration File. The installer prompts you to provide the location of a configuration file with an .ini extension. The file must be a valid configuration file with required configuration options. For an example, see Example configuration file. The file will be copied to C:\Windows\SumoLogic\EnrichmentServer on your local machine.

Run the server under a service account 

At installation time, you can configure the Insight Enrichment Server to run under a different user (service) account. To do so, you provide the username and password of the preferred service account. That account must have the "Log in as Service" privilege. The installer will verify that the account has the appropriate permissions. 

Install the Insight Enrichment Server 

  1. Download the binary from https://script-collection.s3.amazona...-installer.exe. The checksum for the binary is available at https://script-collection.s3.amazona...l/checksum.txt
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions.