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Exam/Course Access Errors

You may be experiencing problems accessing exams to earn certifications. You still have the ability to take the exam and earn your certification, but you may need to access the exam in a different way. Find the issue you are experiencing below and follow the corresponding remedy:

Single Sign-on Issues

Your email may need to be verified

You may have trouble accessing the course or exam because your Sumo Logic account has not authenticated your email. Our third party learning environment cannot associate your certification with you since the information passed from Sumo Logic to the learning environment is incomplete. 


Click Please verify your account to continue below the examination you wish to attempt. You may be prompted further instructions to verify your account before accessing the exam. 

After verifying your account, you should have the ability to access the exam you wish to attempt. If the above does not work to verify your account, you may need to verify using the method found in Verification for Secure Third-Party Service Access, and then re-attempt accessing the exam.

Your Sumo Logic user account may not contain enough personal info to track certification

Your company may have chosen to adopt a policy that allows the existence of users in Sumo Logic without some basic personal info, such as a first or last name. Your Sumo Logic account works but lacks enough personal info necessary to successfully access our courses or exams. Our learning environment has stricter user information policies to ensure integrity when issuing certifications.


Contact with your first name, last name, and the email you would like to use for your learning account. We'll create your learning account and send the login credentials for you to access the our learning environment directly.

You receive a branching error when trying to access the course or exam


You may have trouble accessing the course or exam because your company manages multiple Sumo Logic orgs spanning across multiple geographic areas of service. You have accessed the learning environment through a Sumo Logic instance in one region (recognized as a branch in our learning environment) and are attempting to access the learning environment through a different region.


Contact and we'll add your learning account to the branches you need to access courses and exams through Sumo Logic as intended.

Other Issues

You have taken an exam using our Training User account instead of your own

You have accessed and taken an exam using our Sumo Logic training account instead of using your own company-issued Sumo Logic account. If you've passed, your certification says "Training User184" (or something similar) and you would like to change it to be in your name.


Your certification can still be recognized in your name. Follow the directions below to start this process:

  • While signed into your company-issued Sumo Logic account, navigate to Home > Certification, then click Take the Exam TakeExamButton.png. You do not need to attempt the exam.
  • Contact with your first name, last name, email address used for your Sumo Logic account, and a screenshot of your certification.

We'll reply back with directions of how to access and download the new certification in your name, or we'll help troubleshoot if there's a different issue.