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Area Charts

Like line charts, area charts are useful for displaying how data changes over time, where the X axis of a line chart displays the count of an item, and the Y axis is a timeline. But an area chart fills in the area below the line that the data covers, so it is more visually obvious.

To create an area chart, you must use a query that provides more than one data point in the Aggregates tab. Then the line is drawn between the data points to show the change.

For example, you could use the following query to create an area chart:

error | timeslice 1m | count by _timeslice

which would produce results such as:


To create an Area Chart:

  1. Run a query.
  2. In the Aggregates tab, choose the Area Chart icon to display the search results. 
    Charts - area

The data in the Aggregates tab is represented as an area chart.

Area chart

For details on customizing the way your chart is displayed, see Edit Data Panels on the Search Page or Edit Data Panels on the Dashboards Page