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Sumo Logic

Dashboard Optimization

Optimization improves the efficiency of Dashboard searches. Optimization occurs automatically, subject to the following:

  • Queries that are created with a scheduled view ( _view query) are considered to be optimized already and are not subject to additional optimization.
  • If all Panels are optimized, then the Dashboard can be published without any further user intervention.
  • The maximum interactive time range for non-optimized Panels is six hours.
  • If there are one or more non-optimized Panels, the unoptimized Panels are highlighted along with a message.
  • If a panel loads continuously for five minutes (running slow), the Panel is automatically optimized.

If a query is paused before five minutes and resumed, the timer on the slow query restarts. It will be automatically optimized after five minutes of continuous loading.

Optimization messages

The icon in the upper right corner of each Dashboard Panel shows the current optimization status of that Panel.

Icon  Description


No optimization errors. Click the icon to display information about the Panel.


The Panel can’t be optimized.


The selected time range is too long to run without being optimized, but it’s not possible to optimize. Try setting a shorter time range.

Click the icon to open the Info or Warning window. If there are multiple warnings, as in this example, the icon on the Panel indicates the more serious condition (in this case, the red icon: time too long to optimize).


Optimization limitations

There are some limitations on what types of queries can be optimized in an Interactive Dashboard.

In an aggregate query only, the following group by functions are supported:

  • count
  • min
  • max
  • sum
  • avg

Before the first group by, only the following operators are supported:

There is no restriction on the operators after the first group by. For example, you can add lookup after the first group by function, but not before.

  • Extract
  • Parse
  • Json
  • KeyValue
  • Filter
  • Where
  • Fields
  • Timeslice