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Sumo Logic

Cloud Flex Credits Accounts

View information on Sumo Logic Cloud Flex Credits account and intuitively monitor usage and manage account costs.

Sumo Logic provides flexible account types within its Cloud Flex Credits packaging for any size organization. A credit is a unit of measure that tracks utilization, whether data ingested (GB), storage, or metrics, throughout a contract period. Credits can be used as needed for your desired purpose. This allows you to manage your account without unnecessary waste.

This page provides information on the Cloud Flex Credits account types from which you can choose, and then explains how you can intuitively monitor and manage your account.

Cloud Flex Credits - Account Types

You can select from Free, Trial, Essentials, Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Security, or Enterprise Suite Cloud Flex Credits accounts.

  • Free accounts give you access to most Sumo Logic features, with a credit allocation of 20 credits a day. Credits can be used for log, metrics, and traces, in any combination that meets your needs. The retention period for logs is 7 days. Free accounts allow three users. Free account holders can upgrade to Sumo Logic paid service agreements from within the Sumo Logic UI. 
  • Trial accounts allow you to try all of Sumo Logic's advanced features to understand how Sumo Logic will fit within your organization before you buy. It includes a credit allocation to support a daily data volume limit of 1 GB per day, with 20 users and 30 days of data retention. If you use up the credits allocated for the trial period before the period ends, Sumo Logic’s standard throttling mechanism will be applied to your log ingest, For information about Trial account features, see the details for Cloud Flex accounts.  

  • Essentials  accounts scale to meet your growing needs for user licenses, data retention, and volume options based on subscription. You can upgrade from a Essential account to either Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Security, or Enterprise Suite accounts  at any time.

  • Enterprise Operations accounts are optimized for best practice operational monitoring at any ingest volume.

  • Enterprise Security accounts include advanced security capabilities. Enterprise Security is ideal for security operation centers (SOCs). SOC teams can leverage the latest PCI compliance application frameworks and threat detection capabilities.  

  • Enterprise Suite accounts are optimized to address the most advanced data insight challenges. Enterprise Suite accounts include all of Sumo Logic’s industry leading capabilities including Sumo Logic’s Tiered Analytics.

The following table provides a summary list of key features by Sumo Logic Cloud Flex Credits package accounts. For Free and Trial account details, see the details for Cloud Flex accounts.

Feature Free  Trial  Essentials  Enterprise Operations Enterprise Security Enterprise Suite
Audit Index checkmark.png clipboard_ee07e6e8357447b61dbe1b8af8ae55847.png clipboard_e5f1a4239a27448e966485c54483519d9.png clipboard_eef41b60411d7b6a5a7239be23505cd08.png clipboard_ede39efee3c352b831b2392957c44833b.png clipboard_e8cacaf2d3139dc25e6587281e7f495a1.png
Audit Event Index   clipboard_efea7e4c7bc4f709bede865db7ad77f32.png   clipboard_eab8c99b1fc1b19579cbcf99e1780305a.png clipboard_e551a47d7b89600c498e953d206378c65.png clipboard_ec30acba2d2ff2849ecc9aa68c33bf8ce.png
CrowdStrike Threat Intel   clipboard_e41113f1e21b6be1667206a61a1104f9c.png clipboard_e41113f1e21b6be1667206a61a1104f9c.png clipboard_eefca9d8e2c2be0bfe1ca2d167327a9fc.png clipboard_e97ae44fba71c79dafd0576c6bc6c8538.png clipboard_e4c7287aa438720b72370f9e216c192f0.png
Collector Management API clipboard_e04407ca769af5bde743e25e714acc57a.png clipboard_e2552500dd0f0786f6fa52e72fbbd5d0b.png clipboard_e0c5a4398287b85eb842144378431c6c7.png clipboard_e97333029aab4c555164ce966e6d5a391.png clipboard_e61a07f9536f798d63507a4cdac6a20fe.png clipboard_e948c208b726fbe1107d9bea706ebadef.png
Data Forwarding checkmark.png clipboard_e5c665b17e085cae4729bb66fe3f37e20.png clipboard_e1a45e9c8c3bac5cbd3bae67510b12e44.png clipboard_e80ceb2ec3001fbed60e3ff6be1cb8e48.png clipboard_ec70c9e6ce1103ba2b39d208ef42c1d2b.png clipboard_e3b47814966403ea4785b33f309b8635a.png
Data Volume Index clipboard_eaf892867969e51a6cf2c4309adc1d0bd.png clipboard_e1ee2b09496c650f6c00a4c91a353376e.png clipboard_ea02f74b979557850a0fcc978426e56a2.png clipboard_e80b4f593f0e130a7865d157c616d926d.png clipboard_e38602b3379f4bf9c7a740453955005b8.png clipboard_ed9982d797b02159c1e2628840fa31952.png
Field Extraction clipboard_efbd236df6b95e24b3a4c361064da4247.png clipboard_e7c6dae800fe808f7fbfdbbf95a328c6e.png clipboard_e1e49ad84f7fa61e994ab355be1c3c167.png clipboard_ed13c6492e7f7f7846ce6d0705d4a7851.png clipboard_ef02534f4189c4ab833d5f0f7df0683f9.png clipboard_e319d956610402901975b7a074e9f4ef7.png
Ingest Budgets   checkmark.png   clipboard_e9cdf8d2d831be8b4e37b3345ba67c322.png clipboard_e27cd1414e9936e5b66ce50d5f55da3f7.png clipboard_ed1e37aae0f20825cff638eaec1399006.png
Log Data storage  checkmark.png
7 days
Up to 365 days
Per contract
Per contract
Per contract
Log Data Continuous Volume 1GB per day* 1GB per day* checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png
Log Data Frequent Tier Volume           clipboard_e66f59bc192f8b3512a8e014e2f8d45db.png
Log Data Infrequent Tier Volume           clipboard_eba363ea44029713b2fabec8b9b2bb6bc.png
LogReduce clipboard_edf9119dab1d01ef7ce841497de0c3bf6.png clipboard_ee003c108d9c6978a14c867115e7d4647.png clipboard_ec5376079130800eaa27a6c6005212fa7.png clipboard_e39d0ad5d783eff82cf87b6e8f135337c.png clipboard_e1d4d04ade532be0676bcfaf202f51434.png clipboard_e9f380f900ad924d23654109b5f0e8cdb.png
Lookup Tables none Varies by the  account type being trialed 10 tables per org 100 tables per org 100 tables per org 100 tables per org
Metrics checkmark.png clipboard_e89fa5c11113f3dfc0f23aaaf75afd4d7.png clipboard_e10f522cf42de3c864ef40dc2c2d4982c.png clipboard_e941135356fa64245c6d90ce36a7fec35.png clipboard_e5360d58525131edcf0d8005f8fc19d1f.png clipboard_ef8abe00ef31c876fd6468d6d2e10493d.png
Metrics data retention checkmark.png
checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png
Metrics volume checkmark.png
Up to 3K DPM*
Up to 50K DPM
clipboard_e3ebf2a86b5bf6b3c55f85cce24cfd234.png clipboard_e519a9261cef21d938ee8b6b184fd31af.png clipboard_ed2afd723e7981148136c65d27ae882eb.png clipboard_e3b6f1e30339bf3e5707a27dfd2739362.png
Monitors checkmark.png
50 log Monitors, 50 metrics Monitors
checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png
Partitions checkmark.png clipboard_edf8b34b460bf50717bf4185598684bdd.png clipboard_e3685353bd1901e1d3c818bb100ba2389.png clipboard_e1885fa608f3b67ea02283ca63abbee0f.png clipboard_ea639ade05a5ec9d3307ed7133d73f7dc.png clipboard_ef851c8b1115697b88e6a2cb358330b3c.png
PCI Compliance App   checkmark.png   clipboard_e6e589893a4b7a5e68e13f6df34c81c02.png clipboard_e38aa81360de47ef552ebcb1cca3576fe.png clipboard_e545eeab9ca83cb919af0302c2ce7aa28.png
Real Time Alerts checkmark.png clipboard_ec816ed90dd8c9b9c1f76b57bb9535280.png clipboard_edd663397950bf35e0a7d408e66736d6f.png clipboard_e404bfd0f6b05df2d5e8b070d1ce6a490.png clipboard_e7d0e5c114d6910f5e917a73f0f8e226f.png clipboard_e925960fd2d84f43c1b06220708ad7516.png
SAML checkmark.png clipboard_e9a030401d61e89a6d14ffe5f335cdbed.png clipboard_e4e395c494c14ccee887324239f5ce1f1.png clipboard_e65e4d5830081d81a7142bc190e0d359b.png clipboard_ee8f5ef100b66d00f58433bd67a60ff19.png clipboard_e93d733a5fc3c311d14faa2731fcca9f0.png
Scheduled Views checkmark.png clipboard_e766bc4c913a7f43dc0fbe86cd68be812.png clipboard_edb6c44d197600693e9b534c633bf483b.png clipboard_ef9b92a1a7b8dfb48dbf62cb3b20f657e.png clipboard_ec10bd95d3e66ce52ea26e46b267f330a.png clipboard_e1e8bc978663a738f3d18379fbca36132.png
Search Job API   clipboard_e1c36b8b731ff96534885e9f607b3801d.png   clipboard_eba363ea44029713b2fabec8b9b2bb6bc.png clipboard_e0e3a35fabba56defe7e9a7a10e8f75d2.png clipboard_eb692e8adc5a2bc0839a03145eae4d921.png
Support   clipboard_e6d3b978db9c886aaada3aeb8d3df5d0f.png clipboard_eb604f0d21e33ca46fd8832ff5d5524d3.png clipboard_e436f56c83187cd9e9581e4b93a924a7c.png clipboard_e5d657d29955b8e2c5b070624af51ff37.png clipboard_ec4ac01f42c17a060c2165edeaf0d8666.png
Sumo Logic Apps checkmark.png clipboard_e97433bf30ccf74e21828c8414b3a8576.png clipboard_e4e8fe1e7d613fa549ac5f343468e5501.png clipboard_e01e30afe0ee68c21a750a3ebcef9d7b4.png clipboard_ee95d929bcdcd0020d80dae97aa9c86f6.png clipboard_e6313d57196fe7015f50478918f4e7a6e.png
Traces checkmark.png
Up to 1.5GB per day* 
Up to 5GB per day
5 GB per day
checkmark.png   checkmark.png
User and Role APIs clipboard_e5a7a675636950fb0918ce97abfa3747b.png clipboard_edc50d340204b836eacc48e1e82f72340.png clipboard_ea1dacc8fca0e1be73f7eee49f665d86e.png clipboard_e0eb833f4e5903f3d05316faa4285dfd8.png clipboard_edb69d83b7a097399fc49adc2ec476111.png clipboard_ea6663ca0a57530ba225f7ae7a7976524.png

* Contact Sumo Logic Sales to customize your account to meet your organization's needs.

Account Page

The Account Overview tab of the  Account page for Cloud Flex Credits displays information about your Sumo Logic organization, account type, contract and billing periods, number of credits you've used, as well as live dashboards and real time alerts. The account owner can reassign the Account Owner role from this page.

Data Tiers are available as part of the Enterprise Suite Package Account, and provide economic flexibility by aligning your analytics to the value of your data. By using the Continuous, Frequent, and Infrequent tiers, you can segment your data by use case and analytics needs, thus optimizing your analytics investments.

The Account page provides an at-a-glance view of your account information in the following panels.

Top panel 

  • Organization. Displays the name of your Sumo Logic organization, and its hexadecimal organization ID number. This helps Sumo identify your account.

  • Plan Type. Displays your account type for your Sumo Logic subscription such as Essentials or Enterprise Suite. 

  • Contract Period. Displays the start and end dates of your contract period.

Usage (Sumo Credits) 

  • Usage (Sumo Credits). Displays the usage of the Sumo Credits you purchased for the contract period.
  • Contract Capacity Utilization. Displays the total amount of Sumo Credits used since the beginning of the contract period.
  • Forecast. Displays the anticipated end date of the current contract period, along with the expected Sumo Credits usage by the end of the contract period based on the current consumption rate.


  • Usage Details. Shows graphs that represent detail usage of Sumo Credits by ingest, storage, or any type of data service utilized from the start of the contract period.
  • Live Dashboard Panels and Real Time Alerts. Compares the number allowed to the number already in use. For example, out of 200, 174 have been used.

Promotional Credits

There are times when Sumo Logic promotes services and consumables through the provision of Promotional Credits. Promotional Credits are non-transferrable and auto-expire at the end of the promotion period.  In other words, if the Promotional Credits are not used within the promotion period, they do not carry over. They are of a use-it-or-lose-it nature. Promotional Credits are specific to a promotion and cannot be used for any service. The criteria, including promotion period, are listed in your contract. Promotional Credit consumption is calculated separately from the credits you paid for in your contract period. Promotional Credits are utilized as the priority credit for the specified credit variable.

For example, if the your contract period is licensed for 100,000 credits and 10,000 promotional credits for "Metrics” and you're using all your credits for metrics, Promotional Credits will be the first 10,000 credits used.  Once the Promotional Credits are depleted, paid credits will  be  used for metrics. The ability to filter down to the focused credit component and see more detailed patterns extends to Promotional Credits as well as paid credits. For more information, see Monitoring Promotional Credit Usage.

  • Promotional Credits bar graphs show the rate at which you are consuming your allocated Promotional Credits.

Viewing the account information

To view the Account page, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Sumo Logic Cloud Flex Credits account.
  2. In the left navigation bar, select Administration > Account. The Account Overview tab is shown by default.

The following visual indicators apply:

  • Red text indicates an overage of your account limit.



Monitoring account usage 

The Usage (Sumo Credits) panel at the bottom of the Account Overview page provides at-a-glance analytics with which you can intuitively monitor your account usage in comparison to your contract capacity. In the Usage panel, you can do the following:

  • Review your usage to date.
  • Review usage forecast based on usage to date.
  • View data usage comparisons for data tiers.
  • View data comparisons for total storage or metrics.
  • Drill into a selected time interval for a more granular view of usage data.
  • Monitor Promotional Credit usage.

Usage categories

The legend at the bottom of the Usage Details panel contains the following usage categories:

  • Continuous Ingest. Credits used for logs ingested into the Continuous tier.
  • Frequent Ingest. Credits used for logs ingested into the Frequent tier.
  • Infrequent Ingest. Credits used for logs ingested into the Infrequent tier.
  • Infrequent Scan. Credits used to scan data for Infrequent tier searches.
  • CSE Ingest. Credits used for logs ingested into Cloud SIEM Enterprise (CSE).
  • Metrics Ingest. Credits used for metrics ingested.
  • Storage. Credits used for log storage in the Continuous and Frequent tiers. 
  • Infrequent Storage. Credits used for log storage in the Infrequent tier. 
  • Promotional categories. See Monitoring Promotional Credit usage below.

Changing views and time intervals

The Sumo Logic Account page allows you to easily monitor your data usage over selected time intervals, including total storage and metrics usage.

To switch between views and time interval displays, do the following:

  1. Log in to Sumo Logic and select Administration > Account in the left navigation pane.

The Account page appears with the Account Overview tab shown by default. The top panel shows account details and the bottom panel displays usage details for all data types by default. The total number of credits used and a breakdown of how the credits were used is shown in the donut graph on the right.


  1. To only view data for a specific analytic type or types, go to the bottom of the Usage Details panel and click the colored check box next to the analytic type or types you want to toggle Off.

The colored icon becomes blank, the analytics data (color) is no longer displayed, and the donut chart on the right only shows credit analytics for the remaining data types. In the following example, we toggled off everything but Continuous Ingest.


  1. To toggle an analytic data type back On, click the blank icon next to the data type name.

The analytic data type (color) reappears in the graph and the credit usage for the data type is once again included in the donut graph on the right.

  1. To change the aggregation of the data, click the Group by arrow and choose day, week, or month from the drop-down list. The default is Group by day.


Drilling into usage data

You can easily drill into usage graph for a more granular view of the data, with the added ability of scrolling through the display with a swipe of your cursor.

To drill into usage data, do the following:

  1.  In the Usage Details panel, drag your cursor over the graph intervals you want to analyze in greater detail.


The display changes accordingly.


  1. To scroll through the data, click the Zoom (magnifying glass) icon to toggle On the Pan feature, then select the background and drag your cursor to the left and right. Optionally, hover the cursor over an area on the chart to view a pop-up with detailed information.


  1. To drill down further, repeat step 1 and 2 as needed.
  2. To return to the original data display, click the Reset icon.


Monitoring Promotional Credit usage

You can filter for a focused credit component to assess your Promotional Credit usage, in the same way you drill into usage data for paid credits.

To monitor your Promotional Credit usage, do the following:

  1.  In the Usage Details panel, hover the cursor over the graph interval containing Promotional Credits. A tooltip appears showing detailed information.


  1. To only view data for a specific analytic type or types, go to the bottom of the Usage Details panel and click the colored check box next to the analytic type or types you want to toggle Off.

The colored icon becomes blank, the analytics data (color) is no longer displayed, and the donut chart on the right only shows credit analytics for the remaining data types. In the following example, we toggled Off Continuous Analytics.

In the following example, we only left analytic for Promotional Continuous Credits and Promotional Frequent Credits toggled On. All other analytic data was toggled Off.