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Sumo Logic

Cloud Flex Accounts

View information on your Sumo Logic Cloud Flex account and intuitively monitor usage and manage account costs.

Sumo Logic provides flexible account types within its Cloud Flex packaging for any size organization. This page provides information on the Cloud Flex account types from which you can choose, then explains how you can intuitively monitor and manage your account.

Cloud Flex - Account Types

  • Free accounts give you access to core Sumo Logic features, with a daily 500 MB data volume limit. Free accounts allow three users, with 4 GB of retention. For information about Free account features, see the "Free Accounts" column in the following table and the Important notes section on Sumo Logic Free accounts.
  • ​​​​Trial accounts allow you to try all of Sumo Logic's advanced features to understand how Sumo Logic will fit within your organization before you buy. It includes a daily data volume limit of 1 GB per day, with 20 users and 30 days of data retention. For information about Trial account features, see the "Trial Accounts" column in the table below and Important notes on Sumo Logic Trial accounts.  
  • Professional accounts scale to meet your growing needs for user licenses, data retention, and volume options based on subscription. You can upgrade from a Professional to an Enterprise account at any time.
  • Enterprise accounts, the premier Sumo Logic log management solution, are built to fit your organization's needs for data volume, data retention, and user management requirements. Enterprise accounts include Ingest Budgets and SAML-based SSO
Feature Free  Trial  Professional Enterprise
Audit Index    clipboard_e683f4a639357b50dc67eb54f17b3bc34.png clipboard_e61dfbc2e3652540ba7da460f44d4fc22.png clipboard_ea292aca7b87d410edf2e7ef0eb6f010b.png
Audit Event Index   clipboard_e123a8d4d9d15c929593f617bf788cf9f.png   clipboard_e7d6d106c88f5336115f6b53eaf9cfd30.png
Collector Management API clipboard_ec9c5860062fec2179913ee3e431ff020.png clipboard_e4424fbf61d51a4296214b96b9a1a15a2.png clipboard_e57b12db82441f39aecb6a1e138a974e8.png clipboard_e9e3f71f6a8837fb7144593a993a542c3.png
Dashboards - Live Mode  7 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Data Forwarding   clipboard_e2c75c62ee6f895701b4ef3f2db145767.png clipboard_ecfda86dca8cbadc8a33a04cbb523ba49.png clipboard_e13890bc6dfd518d37f60894b956d1884.png
Data Volume Index clipboard_e41df6b2770be74df46a34b3e1ee76a8f.png clipboard_efc73c6554ea9b47a7cd9b374f38af50e.png clipboard_ed832c3da01d31ffc795a4051d20912cd.png clipboard_eff464c6f3f21e47786b15356c1810997.png
Field Extraction clipboard_e978f7015846a2e8b11b26c886806c135.png clipboard_e39b27e4084a0104f254b55dc5716bbb1.png clipboard_e7b0de19ef62d93c96753aea643d4ad9d.png clipboard_e026e3f4b0745e9f378d0567a91232c2f.png
Ingest Budgets       clipboard_e42a9cfe2507f6a07cfe190291125e9e3.png
Log Data retention (Classic Accounts) 7 days 30 days clipboard_e715cc136e89e3da82661ae55bc64c12d.png clipboard_ea76c1f4834d16b0df29c7deec895c410.png
Log Data storage (Cloud Flex Accounts) 4GB 30GB clipboard_e46d223ba7b5296c5dcabae921d0b20ea.png clipboard_e950c3aed8daeae20d3942da799c687d2.png
Log Data volume 500MB 
per day
per day*
clipboard_e6aa59e778ef42c61eba2fa64f4379aa6.png clipboard_e91a7af0532101eb2d6f406c43e0a81bf.png
LogReduce  clipboard_e25f5c5cbe8c65c46af49bb4d54104295.png clipboard_e8253e34e2f242f88b6652d2d8d9ea962.png clipboard_e6d55a016be74d05ca8473a0bbf5ca80b.png clipboard_e051ebb5c570a56b429e4f6f5923dc1f7.png
Lookup Tables none Varies by the  account type being trialed 10 tables per org 100 tables per org
Metrics   clipboard_eb784416c9a8525d9faf1e4be67c50eb1.png clipboard_e13218b6d97729f1d9a97918117a70206.png clipboard_e5e0986011facb8a38e15b8f533b3d1ed.png
Metrics data retention   clipboard_e5f239701c8d6fc2c60f79927452f3c59.png clipboard_e92fb68325f8bab650e5f633296c96571.png clipboard_e296966b99b317a626dd6bd24004f629a.png
Metrics volume   clipboard_e191658d02c87f2d1b9c1763ae152a9da.png clipboard_eaacd1d62193578bcf448127ff17b45ed.png clipboard_e321f507abdadd19b901204541f0d25a7.png
Partitions   clipboard_e3e6622a40e3fdc98facde4361413d51e.png clipboard_e4103211c3c0324cbed5b449e75088111.png clipboard_ef7856ab3b376a579db10fc3938ab550d.png
Real Time Alerts   clipboard_e9bd95d486d5e6b6e8fdfd4e7f967864a.png clipboard_e8750dc47801212154d0248cdb0b16f22.png clipboard_e5e7aaba7909e7ff235f8b2cf1774fa04.png
SAML   clipboard_e3f4dbe51045422fae99890c57a7f6a13.png   clipboard_e938734b3c91270eee42c9814e668812f.png
Scheduled Views   clipboard_e01ee87ed38b0ae197cc1a665110f5d17.png clipboard_eb0d8eb1598f5b4f0c0694f3e42a77d84.png clipboard_e9a988f272462f4e86b6a5a86e5a5dcee.png
Search Job API   clipboard_e6c99835edf8ba5a265c87c9d0fefe808.png   clipboard_e01aeebf69311bf40a136ec4ede2c5d06.png
Support   clipboard_e8a8bc6bc87e4e9a64b0b649d41a43acc.png clipboard_e589db17e21069957964c8c2c999af913.png clipboard_e799ff11917e09a9eda2035e64f8f5b8c.png
Sumo Logic Apps QuickStart only clipboard_e78625aace813f14e2a3726cb614e0a56.png clipboard_ed2591504546e8cfb993029300baae142.png clipboard_e91783fba60a458fbe6428ed62e2d7041.png
Users (Classic Accounts) Three users 20 users* clipboard_ee9ae61a229d896290200db6c140705b2.png clipboard_eeddc0cf7169c392d9cb8d9d26a9ed09f.png
User and Role APIs clipboard_ecd1365d46b8eac722f3d53c03b3aaf33.png clipboard_e60378bdf031cf1b7376d693ce7d335e4.png clipboard_ecb7c2a958bb739e64a91d82d8db2a392.png clipboard_e3c053e206363d5c34abdf851602d7bfb.png

* Contact Sumo Logic Sales to customize your account to meet your organization's needs.

Account Limitations and Guidelines

To efficiently manage ingestion into your Sumo Logic account, familiarize yourself with the following limitations and guidelines.

Account Capacity Limitations
  • An account that is within its limits is defined as using Reserved Capacity.
  • An account that is over its limits is defined as using On-Demand Capacity.
Collection Limitations
  • The maximum number of Collectors allowed per organization is 10,000.
  • The maximum number of Sources allowed on a Collector is 1,000.
  • The maximum number of Processing Rules allowed on a Source is 100.
Continuous Query Limitations

For all Sumo Logic account types (except for Sumo Logic Free) there is an overall limit of 200 continuous queries per Sumo Logic organization that can be run at one time. This includes Dashboard Panels, Alerts, and all other types of queries. 

Data Limits for Metrics

For billing and reporting purposes, data volume for metrics is measured in Data Points per Minute (DPM). When the DPM limit is exceeded, data is cached on the host and the Source is throttled. The calculation of DPM varies according to the type of metric Source. For details, see Data Limits for Metrics

Important notes on Sumo Logic Free accounts

Using a Free account is a great way to get to know Sumo Logic. While you're trying the Sumo Logic service, here are important points to be aware of:

  • Free accounts run on seven-day intervals. This means that over the course of seven days, you can't ingest more than a total of 3.5 GB of log data.
  • If you begin to reach the 500 MB daily limit, Sumo Logic sends an email to let you know. You can take action to reduce the amount of data you're uploading in order to stay below the limit.
  • If the 500 MB limit is surpassed, you'll receive an email letting you know that data in the Sumo Logic Cloud can no longer be searched (but additional data is still collected). However, if the data limit is fully exceeded, data collection stops (in addition to search being disabled). Disabled features will be available after your usage falls below 4 GB when averaged over seven days (this could take one day, or up to seven days, depending on the amount of data you've uploaded and where you've uploaded it).
  • In extreme situations, Free accounts may be disabled if the data volume continues to exceed the limits.
  • Free accounts are limited to 20 continuous queries, including Dashboard Panels.
  • Because Free accounts run on seven-day intervals, Dashboard Panel queries may not use a time range longer than seven days.
  • For Sumo Logic Apps, Free accounts are limited to install the Log Analysis QuickStart app.
  • The limitations of a Free account can't be changed, but you can upgrade to a Professional account at any time.
  • For information on throttling and account caps, see Manage Ingestion.

Important notes on Sumo Logic Trial accounts

Using a Trial account is a great way to learn about the advanced features of Sumo Logic. While you're trying the Sumo Logic service, there are a few points that are important to be aware of:

  • Trial accounts are allowed to burst up to 5 GB a day for short periods.
  • For information on throttling and account caps, see Manage Ingestion.

Account Page

The Account page displays information about your Sumo Logic organization, account type, billing period, and the number of users. It also allows the account owner to reassign the role of the Account Owner.

Data Tiers provide economic flexibility by aligning your analytics to the value of your data. By using the Continuous and Frequent tiers, you can appropriately segment your data by use case and analytics needs, thus enabling you to optimize your analytics investments.

The top panel of the Account Overview page provides an at-a-glance view of your account information:

  • Organization. Displays the name of your Sumo Logic organization, and its hexadecimal organization ID number. This helps Sumo identify your account.
  • Plan Type. Displays your account type for your Sumo Logic subscription such as Professional or Enterprise edition and whether you are billed on the Cloud Flex or Classic Plan.
  • Contract Period. Displays the start and end date of the current contract period.
  • Current Billing Period. Displays the start and end date of the current billing period.
  • Continuous Ingest. Shows your daily capacity for log ingest to the Continuous Data Tier, and your average daily usage. If the daily ingest average over the billing cycle is above your capacity, you will be charged the on-demand rate for the difference.
  • Frequent Ingest. Shows your daily capacity for log ingest to the Frequent Data Tier, and your average daily usage. If the daily ingest average over the billing cycle is above your capacity, you will be charged the on-demand rate for the difference.
  • Metrics Ingest. Shows your daily capacity for metrics ingest, and your average daily usage, both in DPM. If the daily ingest average over the billing cycle is above your capacity, you will be charged the on-demand rate for the difference. If your daily usage average is higher than your capacity, you will be charged the on-demand rate for the difference.
  • Storage. Shows your daily storage capacity and average daily storage usage. You can adjust capacity use by modifying your retention periods.
  • Live Dashboard Panels and Real Time Alerts. Show the number of live dashboard panels and real time alerts you have set up. Compares the number allowed to the number already in use. For example, out of 200, 174 have been used.

To view the Account page, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Sumo Logic Cloud Flex account.
  2. In the left navigation bar of the UI, select Administration > Account. The Account Overview tab of the Account page is shown by default.



Monitoring account usage

The bottom panel of the Account Overview page provides at-a-glance analytics with which you can intuitively monitor the daily capacity of your data usage in the following ways:

  • View data for a specific analytic tier, if you are utilizing multiple analytics tiers for your data.
  • View data for total storage.
  • View data for metrics usage.
  • View data for a specific billing period.
  • Drill into a selected time interval for a more granular view of usage data.

Changing views and time intervals

The Sumo Logic Account page allows you to easily monitor your data usage on different analytics tiers, as well as total storage and metrics usage. 

The following visual indicators apply:

  • A dotted line indicates the account limit.
  • Red text indicates an overage of your account limit.

To switch between views and time interval displays, do the following:

  1. Log in to Sumo Logic and select Administration > Account in the left navigation pane. The Account page appears with the Account Overview tab shown by default. The top panel shows account details and the bottom panel displays usage analytics.


  1. To change the type of analytics you are viewing, in the Usage (Daily Capacity) panel click the arrow next to the view name and select the analytics type from the drop-down list. The display data changes accordingly. Repeat as needed to monitor all the areas of your account usage.
  2. To view data from a different billing period, click the arrow next the the Billing period and choose another period from the drop-down list.


The data display changes accordingly. 

Drilling into usage data 

You can easily drill into usage graph data for a more granular view, with the added ability of scrolling through the display with a swipe of your cursor.

To drill into usage data, do the following:

  1.  In the Usage panel, drag your cursor over the graph intervals you want to analyze in greater detail. As you drag your cursor, the bars on the chart will be highlighted.


When you release the cursor, the display changes accordingly.


  1. To scroll through the data, click the Zoom icon to toggle On the Pan feature, then select the background and drag your cursor to the left and right.


  1. To drill down further, repeat step 1 and 2 as needed.
  2. To return to the original data display, click the Reset icon.


The display changes accordingly.