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Sumo Logic

Upgrade Your Account

How to upgrade depends on your current account type

If your organization currently has a Sumo Logic Free or Sumo Logic Trial account, or if you've already upgraded to a Sumo Logic Professional plan, you can upgrade to a more robust plan at any time. Sumo Logic Professional accounts allow up to 20GB of data volume. All Professional accounts include 20 users, 30 days of data retention, and data forwarding.

Upgrades are processed immediately—meaning that your organization can take advantage of having a higher data volume right away.

Upgrades to Sumo Logic Enterprise accounts are handled through a Sumo Logic sales representative. Not sure who to contact? Send an email to

Who can upgrade my organization's account?

It depends on your current account type:

  • If your organization currently has a Sumo Logic Free account, any admin can perform the upgrade. That admin is then known as the account owner, meaning that he or she is the only person in the account that can view and change the credit card information billed by Sumo Logic. 
  • If your organization already has a Sumo Logic Professional account, only the existing Account Owner can perform upgrades.
  • Sumo Logic Enterprise accounts do not have account owners, as all upgrades are handled by a Sumo Logic salesperson.

Can I upgrade more than once?

Yes. An admin can upgrade from Sumo Logic Free to Sumo Logic Professional. Or, an account owner can upgrade a Sumo Logic Professional account to a higher level of data volume, up to 20 GB. If you need additional data volume, you can simply request to be upgraded to a Sumo Logic Enterprise account by contacting

Perform an upgrade

Before beginning the upgrade, make sure that you have an approved, valid credit card number. You'll need to provide payment information during the upgrade process.

  1. Go to Administration > Account. On the Billing page, click Request Account Upgrade.
  2. On the Upgrade page, choose a Daily Data Volume option. The pricing information updates as you choose different options.
  3. When you've chosen a Daily Data Volume option, click Upgrade.
  4. In the Payment Method screen, enter the credit card information you'd like Sumo Logic to bill, or if you've previously upgraded you may choose to use the existing payment information. Click Next. For more information, see Manage Billing Information.
  5. In the Confirm Upgrade screen, choose how often you'd like to be billed for your account, either annually (one lump sum) or monthly (12 equal payments). Review all the information displayed; if you'd like to change the plan you've selected, click Select a Plan at the top of the page.
  6. Read the Service Level Agreements, then click I have read and agree to the Service Level Agreements to continue.
  7. Click Confirm to complete the upgrade. After you click Confirm, the credit card you provided to Sumo Logic is charged.
  8. The upgrade is processed, then a Congratulations screen appears. Click Finish.

If you have any issues, or if you don't see a charge on your credit card within 48 hours, please contact