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Close or Cancel a Sumo Logic Account

This topic covers how to delete your organization from a Sumo Logic Free or Trial account and permanently close the account. It also provides instructions for cancelling a Sumo Logic licensed account. 

Close a Sumo Logic Free or Trial account

The owner of a Sumo Logic Free or Trial account can delete their organization from Sumo Logic, which will close the account permanently. When you delete your organization, you delete all users and data from Sumo Logic, close the account, and log yourself out as a user.

To delete a Sumo Logic organization and close the account

  1. In the Sumo Logic left navigation bar, go to Administration > Account.
  2. At the bottom of the page, under the section Delete this Organization from Sumo Logic?, click Delete Org.
  3. In the dialog Delete This Organization from Sumo Logic?, enter DELETE to confirm.
  4. Click Delete Org.

The Sumo Logic Organization, all users and data are deleted.

Cancel a Sumo Logic licensed account

If you'd like to cancel your organization's Sumo Logic account, please open a ticket with Sumo Logic Support. Our Support Team will process your request in a timely manner.