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Sumo Logic

Manage Billing for Sumo Logic Professional Accounts

The Billing page is a tool made available only to the account owner of a Sumo Logic Professional account who has upgraded from a previous account using a credit card (self-service). The account owner is solely responsible for the billing information provided to Sumo Logic.

To reassign the account owner role to another admin user, see Account Page.

Only the account owner can manage the billing information used by Sumo Logic. This includes the credit card number on file (used to pay monthly or annually) as well as the billing address/contact information.

Once changes are submitted, Sumo Logic will begin using the new credit card for the next billing cycle.

To change the billing information

  1. Go to Administration > Account.
  2. Select the Billing tab.
  3. Click Use a New Credit Card.
  4. Enter the new credit card information, or edit any of the billing address/contact information.
  5. Click Submit.