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Sumo Logic


Use the Collection page to manage all of your Collectors and Sources. To access the Collection page, go to Manage Data > Collection > Collection.

Collection page with budgets.png

Page Capabilities

Available Information about Collectors and Sources

  • Name. Displays the name of the Collector, and any Sources that are configured under it. It also displays the type of Source (HTTP, Local File, Local Windows Event Log, etc.)
    • Open in Search. Hover over the Name of the Collector or Source and click the Open in Search icon to start a search in the Search page.
    • Tooltip. Hover over a Collector or Source name to display an informational tool tip.
      • The Collector's version is provided in the tooltip.
        Collector version in tooltip.png
  • Type. Displays whether the Collector is an Installed or Hosted Collector.
  • Status. Displays whether the Collector is Running (green checkmark) or Stopped (red exclamation point). When a Collector is running it sends Sumo a heartbeat message every 15 seconds. If no heartbeat message is received after 30 minutes the status will show a red exclamation point to indicate it is not running.
  • Source Category. Displays the name of the configured Source Category for this Collector or Source.
  • Sources. Displays the number of Sources configured under a Collector.
  • Last Hour. Displays a graph of the total number of log messages ingested per minute over the past hour.
  • Messages. Displays the total number of log messages ingested over the past hour.

Source Actions