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Sumo Logic

Search for a Collector or Source

Many Sumo Logic customers have hundreds of collectors and sources installed and configured. But even with only 10 Collectors, sometimes it can be hard to find the one you need in the list.

On the Manage Data > Collection > Collection page, a search field allows you to search for collectors and sources by name or sourceCategory using complete keywords.

To match partial keywords use a wildcard. For example, use "apache*" to match "apacheprod".

In addition to the search field, you have a couple of drop-down selections to further filter your results.

search collectors ui page.png

  • The Show drop-down provides the options for All, Installed, Hosted, Running, and Stopped Collectors.
  • The Show up to drop-down allows you to filter the number of results displayed.
  • Expand to expand or collapse the Collector's displayed Sources.

To search for a collector or source

  1. Go to Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
  2. Enter a complete keyword (or keyword and wildcard) in the search field, and click Search or press Enter.

Search results are displayed.