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Sumo Logic

Edit a Collector

From the Manage Collection page, you can edit some characteristics of a Collector, including its name, description, Host Name, and Category.

To edit a collector

  1. In the Sumo Logic Web Application select Manage Data > Collection > Collection (Manage > Collection in the classic UI).
  1. Click the Collector name, or click the Edit link to the right of the Collector name.
  2. Change the name or change the metadata fields as needed. Note that updated metadata is only be applied to newly ingested data; previously uploaded data retains its original metadata.
  • If you set the Host Name or Category value at the collector level, then all sources belonging to this collector are tagged with these metadata fields. If you later specify metadata at the source level, the collector metadata will be overwritten.
  • If you choose an option for Time Zone, it overrides the setting for each source configured on the collector.
  1. Click Advanced to set a CPU Usage Target, or to change the Collector Management method you're using.

    Edit collector
  2. Click Save to apply your changes.