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Sumo Logic

Delete a Collector or Source from the Web Application

When you delete a collector from the web application, the collector is deregistered and all sources for the collector are deleted. Previously ingested data is still searchable, but no new data is ingested, and the collector and sources are removed from the Manage Data > Collection > Collection page.

If you removed a collector and want to reinstate it, install the collector again using the same name. If the new name is identical to that of the deleted collector, future searches will include data from both the deleted collector and the new one.

If you removed a source and want to reinstate it, add the same source again.

To delete the collector or source from the web application 

  1. In the Sumo Logic Web Application, go to Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
  2. Find the collector or source you want to remove, and click Delete.
  3. Click OK to confirm.