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Upgrade Collectors using the Web Application

Deploying an upgrade to one or more collectors can be done through the Sumo Logic Web Application. When you initiate a collector upgrade, the installed collector downloads the upgrade package directly from the Sumo Logic service. We recommend you follow our best practices when you upgrade your Collectors.

You can also downgrade a collector to a previous version, as described in this topic.

When upgrading an installed collector, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) will be automatically downloaded. If the JRE that the collector is bundled with is newer than the JRE installed with the collector, the bundled JRE will be downloaded and installed. However, if you have manually specified a newer JRE in the file (or sumo.conf in older installations), the newer version will be used.

An upgrade requested through the web application uses HTTPS (port 443) to upgrade files and instruct the Collector to restart.

How will I know when an upgrade is available?

When one or more collectors in your Sumo Logic account are eligible for an upgrade, you'll be notified through the collectors page of the Sumo Logic web application:

Upgrade collectors

Upgrade collectors to the latest build

You can choose to deploy the upgrade to all collectors or you can pick and choose individual collectors to install the upgrade (depending on scheduling needs or other factors).

To install an upgrade on one or more collectors

  1. In the Sumo Logic Web Application select Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
  2. Click the Upgrade Collectors link.
  3. Determine if you'd like to install the upgrade on individual collectors or on all collectors simultaneously. Then, choose one of the following:
    • Click Update next to the name of a collector to install the upgrade just on that specific collector. This option can be used if a policy prevents you from upgrading every collector at the same time of day, or if you can't deploy the upgrade all at once. Any collectors you choose not to upgrade will remain available in the upgrade dialog box so you can install the upgrade at a later time.
    • If you can safely upgrade all collectors, click Update All.

Upgrade collectors

The upgrade process begins immediately after you click Update or Update All; the file is automatically downloaded and installed. You'll be notified when the upgrade has completed successfully.

Collectors that are offline or that have already been upgraded aren't eligible for upgrade and won't be included in the list of available collectors in the upgrade collectors dialog box.

Downgrade a collector to an earlier version

You can choose to downgrade a Collector or Collectors to an earlier version for testing or other purpose. 

To downgrade one or more collectors to an earlier build

  1. In the Sumo Logic Web Application select Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
  2. Click the Edit link on the right of an installed collector.
  3. Click the Change Version beside the current version.
  4. Select the version to install. 

The upgrade/downgrade process begins immediately after you click a build.

Downgrade collector

Troubleshooting upgrade failures

If collector upgrade fails, the existing version will continue running on that collector, with no disruption in service. However, it's important to keep collectors up-to-date. If an upgrade fails, the red error icon appears in the dialog box, letting you know that the upgrade process was incomplete. Hover over the icon to see the failure reason.

Click Retry to start the process over.

Retry collector upgrade

Failure can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • Lack of available disk space.
  • Permission errors blocked access for Sumo Logic.
  • Possible network failures occurred during the upgrade.