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Upgrade Collectors using the Command Line

Before upgrading an Installed Collector review Collector Upgrade Best Practices.

The steps to upgrade an Installed Collector using the command line are similar to the steps used for installing the Collector with the command line. See Installed Collectors for details.


Download the collector in either of the following ways:

  • In Sumo Logic select Manage Data > Collection > Collection. Click Add Collector, click Installed Collector, and then click the link for the collector to begin the download.
  • Open a browser and enter the static URL for your Sumo deployment. See how to determine which endpoint to use if you are unsure. The download begins immediately. See Download a Collector from a Static URL for a list of the URLs for your Linux version and deployment pod.


When upgrading on Ubuntu 16 and above using a shell executable file (.sh), Debian, or the Web UI you will need to manually restart the collector service after upgrading using the following command. See Start or Stop a Collector for details. 

sudo ./collector start

Linux RPM

Upgrade command:    sudo rpm -U <pathToCollectorRPMFile>

Downgrade command:    sudo rpm -U --oldpackage <pathToCollectorRPMFile>

Linux Debian

Upgrade or downgrade command:     sudo dpkg -i <pathToCollectorDebianFile>

Linux 32 or 64

Upgrade or downgrade command:     sudo <pathToCollectorShFile> -q


Upgrade or downgrade command:     SumoCollector.exe -console -q


Use the same steps to Install a Collector on MacOS without the authentication credentials.