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Sumo Logic

Pause and Resume a Source

You can pause some types of sources to stop the sources from sending data to Sumo Logic, and then resume at a later time.

The following sources can use pause/resume:

  • S3 Sources: Amazon S3, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon CloudFront, AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch Metrics, AWS Config, and Amazon S3 Audit
  • Metrics Sources: AWS CloudWatch metrics

To pause a source

Locate the source on the Manage Data > Collection > Collection page, and click Pause. Click the Resume link when you are ready for the source to start sending data again.

Pause resume

Additional information about pause and resume:

  • When a source is paused, Sumo Logic continues to ingest the files that were already discovered but doesn't scan any new ones.
  • The AWS CloudWatch source ingests data points only from the past two hours, so you will lose data if you pause the CloudWatch source for more than two hours. Example: If a CloudWatch source is paused at 6:00am and resumed at 10:00am, the data points generated between 6:00am and 8:00am are lost.