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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Add-on for Heroku

Heroku is a platform that allows developers to build applications in the cloud. Sumo Logic provides an add-on for Heroku that fully integrates the power of Sumo Logic log analytics for Heroku users.

When you install the Sumo Logic add-on for Heroku from the Heroku site, and agree to our Terms of Service, a Sumo Logic account is provisioned for you, and your application logs are automatically forwarded to this account.

Your Sumo Logic Trial account allows you to try all advanced features to understand how Sumo Logic will fit within your organization. It includes a daily data volume limit of 5GB per day, with 20 users and 30 days of data retention.

After 30 days, your account will revert to a Sumo Logic Free account, with a limited feature set, a daily data volume limit of 500MB per day, with 3 users and 7 days of data retention.

Using the Sumo Logic add-on for Heroku, you will log into Sumo Logic from the Heroku application panel. In the Sumo Logic user interface, the add-on includes a new Heroku navigation bar above the Sumo Logic main navigation bar. Otherwise, there are no other changes to Sumo Logic.

To monitor multiple applications, you can share the same Sumo Logic add-on with multiple applications.

Sumo Logic features

Heroku users may use all Sumo Logic features associated with their account type, but for a few exceptions.

All Heroku add-on user accounts are created as Sumo Logic administrators, but no user information or roles can be added or edited. You can only log into Sumo Logic from the Heroku application panel. For this reason, you cannot change your password once your account is created, and as required by Heroku, you cannot log out of Sumo Logic once you have installed the add-on.

In addition, the following features are not supported:

  • Whitelisting IP addresses
  • Password Policies
  • SAML

Heroku Support

All Sumo Logic add-on for Heroku support questions should be submitted to a Heroku Support Channel.