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Sumo Logic

Launch Investigations

You can launch ad-hoc investigations directly from search results in Sumo Logic. You can also use ServiceNow to click over to Sumo Logic to start an investigation.

After selecting the text you'd like to use to launch the ServiceNow investigation, you can choose the Connection and the event type the text represents (Alert, Incident, or Change Request).

Start a ServiceNow Investigation from Sumo Logic

  1. Run a query from the Search page.
  2. In the results pane click Messages.
  3. Select the text in a message that you'd like to investigate in ServiceNow.
  4. When the Launch in Service Now menu appears, choose a Connection name. Then choose the type of event the text represents (Alert, Incident, or Change Request).

When ServiceNow opens, you can begin your investigation.

Start a Sumo Logic investigation from ServiceNow

In ServiceNow you can click on a link to jump right to the search that triggered the Alert, Incident, or Change Request.

To launch a Sumo Logic investigaton from ServiceNow:

  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to the Activity pane.
  2. Click the Search URL to jump to the search in Sumo Logic.

For more information, please refer to ServiceNow documentation.