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Schedule Searches for Webhook Connections

Scheduled searches are saved searches that run automatically at specified intervals. When a scheduled search is configured to send an alert, it can be sent to another tool using a Webhook Connection.

You can create a brand new search, or you can base a search on an existing saved or scheduled search. If you'd like to use an existing search, you'll need to save the query as a new search to not override the search's current schedule.

Before setting up a scheduled search for Webhooks, configure a Webhook Connection. For more information, see Set Up WebHook Connections.

The payload for each scheduled search can be customized (depending on the tool you're connecting to). Customizing payload does not affect the payload you defined in the Connection—it's at the search level.

To set up a scheduled search for a Webhook Connection:

  1. Save a search
  2. On the Save Item page, change Run Frequency from "Never" to desired frequency.
  3. Click Schedule this search
    Scheduled search web hook
  4. For all configuration options, see Schedule a Search
  5. Alert Type. Select Webhook to upload search results to your Connection.
  6. Select a Webhook from the list.
  7. (Optional) If needed, customize the Payload for this search. If you’d like to use the default payload, leave this as-is.
    Before customizing the payload, see WebHook payload variables, see WebHook payload variables on the "Set Up WebHook Connections" page. 
  8. Click Save.