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Sumo Logic

JFrog Artifactory Sumo Logic Integration

JFrog Artifactory is a universal Artifact Repository Manager that integrates with CI/CD and DevOps tools to provide artifact tracking. The JFrog Artifactory Sumo Logic integration provides the ability to access preconfigured Sumo Logic Dashboards directly from Artifactory that will allow you to analyze data from your Artifactory logs.

The JFrog Artifactory Sumo Logic integration supports both Artifactory On-Premise and Artifactory Online.

Enable the JFrog Artifactory Sumo Logic integration directly from Artifactory. When you enable the integration, a Connector and Source are automatically configured, and the Sumo Logic App for Artifactory is automatically installed.

The JFrog Artifactory Sumo Logic integration provides a new Sumo Logic Free account with a daily data volume limit of 500MB per day, with 30 users and 14 days of data retention.

The integration collects data from the following Artifactory logs:

  • artifactory.log. The main Artifactory log file that contains data on Artifactory server activity.
  • access.log. The security log containing important information about accepted and denied requests, configuration changes, and password reset requests. The originating IP address for each event is also recorded.
  • request.log. Generic HTTP traffic information similar to the Apache HTTPd request log.
  • traffic.*.log. A log that contains information about site traffic and file sizes.

For more details about Artifactory logs, refer to

For questions or help, contact Sumo Logic Support.

Enable the Integration

  1. Log into JFrog Artifactory.
  2. Go to Admin, and under Advanced, select Log Analytics.
  3. Under Artifactory Dashboard Settings, activate Enable.
  4. In the dialog Enable Sumo Logic Integration, click Enable.

  5. Under Status, for connection:

    1. If this is your first time here, select Create New Connection.

    2. If you already have an existing connection, select Use Existing Client ID and Secret.

  6. Click Access Dashboard

  1. When the Sumo Logic page appears, select I agree to the Service License Agreement, and click Access Dashboard.

  2. When you see the message Your Dashboards are being populated, click OK, Got It.

  3. Two Sumo Logic tabs open:

    1. The Sumo Logic App for Artifactory Overview Dashboard.

    2. The Sumo Logic Library, which displays the other Dashboards that are available with the App.

For complete details on the Sumo Logic App for Artifactory and its Dashboards, see Artifactory App.