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Sumo Logic

Manage Status Page

The Status page provides a visual snapshot of the overall message history for your deployment, as well as a message volume histogram for each Collector, giving you immediate visual feedback about traffic spikes or collection issues.To see statistics for any bar in the histogram, hover your mouse pointer over the area of interest.

When you first install a new collector, after a few minutes of initial collection, the status page shows a big spike of events in the message volume, and then fewer messages as the collection reaches a steady state. A local log file, for example, might contain millions of events. When the collector is initialized, it quickly gathers all those entry logs and sends them to the Sumo Logic cloud resulting in a traffic spike. After the initial collection, the collector continues to tail the file (read from the end of the file as new entries are created) and sends over the smaller number of new entries.

Status tab

A. Choose an option to show or hide collectors.
B. Customize your view by choosing a column option.
C. Choose an option to limit the amount of time you'd like to see.

To view the Status page, go to Manage Data > Collection > Status.

Changing the scale or timeframe for a collector

On the status page, you can:

  • Choose to show all, only stopped, or only running collectors.
  • Display the Collector histograms in one, two, or three columns.
  • Align the x-axis for each collector to match the timeframe of the total message histogram.
  • Scale the y-axis for each collector to align with the other collectors on the same page.

For each collector, you can change the message volume scale so that variations in volume are easier to see. You can also change the timeframe for each collector to investigate the stream volume for a single collector. When a collector's x or y axis is not aligned with all others, the background color changes to blue.

To return to an aligned scale across all collectors, in the total message volume area, click the link to Align all views below. To return an individual view to the same scale as other collectors, select the Same scale across view check box.

Viewing stopped collectors

Stopped collectors generally show zero messages in the traffic volume. Past messages display as gray bars in the histogram.

To make changes to the collectors and sources in your deployment, go to the Manage Data > Collection > Collection page (or Manage > Collection in the classic UI). From there, you can start or stop collectors, add new sources, or edit source configurations and metadata.