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Sumo Logic

Enable a Support Account

Administrators can decide to enable a Sumo Logic support account, which grants very select Sumo Logic support agents access to your organization's account, better helping those agents to resolve issues that arise. Admins can choose to keep the support account enabled full-time, or the account can be disabled when no issues are being investigated.

When a support account is enabled, a special user is added to your organization's Sumo Logic account, named Sumo Logic Support. This is the user that Sumo Logic support agents will use to log in to your organization's account to troubleshoot issues. If you disable your support account, the Sumo Logic Support user account is disabled. It's important to remember to capture any content created by the Sumo Logic user account before disabling it.

Who can access my support account?

All requests to access an organization's support account are vetted by our Director of Security. When a support agent requests access, he or she is asked for the explicit reason why access is required. Additionally, the amount of time the agent can access the support account is limited to the shortest amount of time necessary to complete the investigation.

Do I need to create a special user account?

No; the Sumo Logic support user account is automatically added to your organization's account. If you accidentally delete the user, you can just disable, then re-enable the support account and the Sumo Logic support user will be recreated. However, any content created or shared from the previous iteration of the Sumo Logic support user will be deleted.

Enable your organization's support account

To enable a support account
  1. Go to Administration > Security > Policies.
  2. Next to Support Account Access, select the Enable check box.

To disable the support account, deactivate the Enable check box.