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Sumo Logic

Manage Users

To manage users and roles, you must have the administrator role or your role must have been assigned the manage users and roles capability.

Manage Users.png

The Administration > Users and Roles > Users page displays the following user information:

  • Name. The user's registered name. 
  • Status. Either an activated (green checkmark) or deactivated (red exclamation point) icon. 
  • Email. The user's registered email. 
  • Roles. Any roles assigned to the user. 
  • Last Login. Provides one of the following messages:
    • Date. The date of the user's last login.
    • Never. If the user inactive.
    • N/A. If no login information is currently available, but the user is active. Information will be provided the next time the user logs in. 

At the top of the page, you can:

From the More Actions menu on the right, you can:

Select the Edit icon to edit the user's:

You can also use the Delete icon to delete a user


Management includes the ability to reset an existing user's password. All reset passwords (as well as initial passwords for new users) are generated by Sumo Logic. When the user logs in for the first time (or after a password reset for existing users) the user is prompted to change the temporary password before the log in is completed.