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Sumo Logic

Delete a User

Deleting a user permanently removes the user. When you delete a user, you are prompted to select a Sumo user account to which to transfer the deleted user’s Library content, including folders, searches, and dashboards. 

If you prefer to prevent a user from accessing Sumo, without transferring the user’s Library content, you can deactivate a user.

Before you begin

Before you begin, perform the steps in Offboard a User. These steps will help you identify any data or access transfers that need to occur before you delete a user and prevent disruption to any automated services set up under that user.

What happens when you delete a user

  • The deleted user’s Access Keys are removed and cannot be restored.
  • The deleted user’s folder is moved to the folder of the new owner. The new owner will have Manage access to the transferred content. Note that the transfer of content to the new owner has no impact on other users that have access to the deleted user's content. For example, assume you delete User A and transfer User A’s content to User B. If User C previously had permissions to some of User A’s content, User C will still have the same access to that content. 
  • Content created by the deleted user in shared folders is not transferred to the new owner.
  • For dashboards and scheduled searches for which the deleted user was the run-as user, the new owner becomes the run-as user.
  • Data continues to be indexed into Partitions that the deleted user set up. 
  • Scheduled Views are stopped. Data is no longer indexed into Scheduled Views created by a user once the user is deleted, but the data itself is not deleted (and the name of the Scheduled View remains). Make sure to create new Scheduled Views using the same query as the user's Scheduled Views before deleting the user.

Delete a user

To delete a user

  1. Go to  Administration > Users and Roles > Users.  
  2. Select the row for the user you want to delete and choose Delete from the three-dot options menu.
  3. You are prompted to assign the user’s content to another user. Transferring the content to another user is optional. To transfer the content, click in the Transfer Content To field, and select a user from the list that appears.
  4. Click Delete to remove the user.

The deleted user's Personal folder will be moved to the Personal folder of the user to whom the content is being transferred. The new owner of the content will be granted Manage access to the deleted user's content. All dashboards running with the deleted user's data access level will now run with the new owner's data access level.