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Sumo Logic

Change a User's Email Address

As a Sumo Logic Administrator, you can change a user’s email address.

  1. Go to Administration > Users and Roles > Users (Manage > Users in the classic UI).
  2. Hover over the entry for the user account. From the More Actions icon on the right, select Change Email.
  3. In the Change Email Address dialog, the user’s current email address is displayed.
  4. Enter the user’s new email address.
  5. Enter your current password as a Sumo Logic Administrator.
  6. Click Change Email Address.
    An email with an activation link is sent to the user’s new email address. The user must click the link in the email within seven days to complete the email address change, or the link will expire.
  7. Click OK, Got It.

To change your own email address, see Change Your Email Address