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Sumo Logic

Edit a User

Follow the steps in this topic to change user settings and role assignment. When you change roles for a user, the change is implemented right away. The user is given the highest level of access of all the assigned roles.

To edit a user:

  1. Go to  Administration > Users and Roles > Users.
  2. Hover over the entry for the user you want to change, and do one of the following:
  • Change the user's name. Click the Edit icon on the right, make changes on the Details tab, and click Save.
  • Change the user's role assignment. Click the Edit icon on the right, open the Role Membership tab, and select check boxes for the roles you want to assign. Click Save.
  • Change the user's email address. Click the More Actions icon on the right and select Change Email. See Change a User's Email Address.
  • Reset the user's password. Click the More Actions icon on the right and select Reset Password. See Reset a User's Password.
  • Change the user's account status. Click the More Actions icon on the right and select Activate or Deactivate. See Deactivate or Activate a User.
  • Create search filters. The Search Filter field is read-only on the Details tab of the Users page. The field displays the search filters defined for the user's roles. If the user is assigned multiple roles with search filters, the filters are combined with OR. Use the Roles page to configure search filters for a role.
  • Assign capabilities. The Capabilities tab is read-only on the Users page and includes the capabilities for all the roles that the user is assigned. Use the Roles page to configure capabilities for a role.