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Sumo Logic

Add a Metrics Visualization to a Dashboard

You can add a metrics visualization as a Panel in a Dashboard.

  1. First, create a metrics query and visualization.
  2. Click Add to Dashboard to add the visualization as a new Dashboard Panel. 
  • To add to an existing Dashboard, enter a title for the Panel, select the Dashboard, and click Add.
  • To create a new Dashboard with the visualization as a panel, enter a title for the Panel. Enter a name for the Dashboard, select a folder, and click Add.

The Dashboard opens to show the new Panel. 


Work with Metrics Panels

Do any of the following from a Metrics Panel on a Dashboard.

  • Click the time entry to select another interval.
  • Click the Gear Icon_gear.png or Show in Metrics Icon_show_in_metrics.png icon to reopen the Metrics page with the visualization displayed.  You can modify settings on the Metrics page, and then add to the Dashboard again.
    It is not currently possible to replace the existing Panel with the modified settings. After adding the Panel with the updated settings, you can remove the older Panel from the Dashboard. To delete the Dashboard, hover over the Panel in Edit mode and click the X icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Filter Icon_filter.png icon to use filters (See Use Filters in Dashboards for details):
    • (Edit mode only) Add filters for the metrics Panel.
    • (Non-Edit mode only) Click the Filter Icon_filter.png icon to apply a filter to the Metrics data.
  • Click the Show Panel Information Icon_info.png icon to display summary information about the data.
  • (Non-Edit mode only)  Hover over a chart line in the Panel to display details.