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Sumo Logic

Share a Metric Chart

Generate a URL you can use to share a metric query.

After you run a metric query you can obtain a URL for the chart and send it to other users so that they can view the chart. Anyone in your org with access to the URL can view the chart. Any customizations that you have made on the Settings tab of the metric query page will be preserved.  

To share a metric query

  1. Run a metric query.
  2. Click the sharing icon in the upper right corner of the metric chart. metric-3-dot.png
  3. On the Share Metrics Search popup:
    1. Select a time range option:
      • Leave Use absolute time range checked to share the search with the current start and end time.
      • Uncheck Use absolute time range to share the search with the currently selected relative search expression, "Last 60 minutes" in the example chart.
    2. Click Copy to copy the URL. 
  4. Send the the URL to the users with whom you want to share the metric chart.

When a user opens the URL in a browser, Sumo will prompt the user to log on. If you shared the chart with Use absolute time range selected, the chart will show data for the actual time range shown when you shared the cart, as shown below. Otherwise, the shared chart will show a relative search expression. In our example query, that would be "Last 60 minutes".