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Sumo Logic


Filter metric data points by value.

You can use the where operator to filter data points by value. 

where is somewhat analogous to the filter metrics operator. However, filter only supports filtering entire time series; in contrast, where allows you to filter by data point value.


selectors | where _value [VALUE BOOLEAN EXPRESSION | REDUCER BOOLEAN EXPRESSION] [_granularity]


  • _value is the placeholder for each data point in the time series. 
  • _granularity is the placeholder value for the length of the quantization bucket in milliseconds.
  • [VALUE BOOLEAN EXPRESSION] is a value expression that operates on individual data points of a time series. For example, > 3.
  • [REDUCER BOOLEAN EXPRESSION] is an expression that takes all the values of a given time series, uses a function to reduce them to a single value, and evaluates that value. The supported functions are listed in the eval topic.


Example 1

This query returns the data points in which the value is greater than 10 and less than 30.

metric=xyz | where _value > 10 and _value < 30

Example 2

This query returns the data points in which the value is greater than or equal to the maximum value in the time series.

metric=xyz | where _value >= max - 5