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Metrics Monitors Deprecation FAQs

Learn about the planned deprecation of metrics monitors.

This page describes Sumo Logic’s plan for deprecating Metrics Monitors. Late in 2020, we released a new Monitors alerting framework that unifies the alert experience across logs and metrics. The new framework has all the capabilities of the old Metrics Monitors plus many new capabilities that customers have requested. Now that the new framework has been running smoothly for more than a quarter, we think it's a good time to move customers over to it, and reduce the confusion of having multiple alerting systems that do the same thing.  

Why are Metrics Monitors being deprecated?

There are two primary reasons for deprecating the old metrics monitors. 

  • Avoid Confusion. With the introduction of new monitors, there are two different ways for users to set up metrics-based alerts in Sumo. Deprecating the previous functionality will eliminate confusion about which functionality to use.
  • Improved functionality. Our new unified monitors are a big improvement. Key improvements include auto-resolution of payload, email customization, and more. We’re planning to add more features that will increase the gap even further. Our goal is for you to leverage all these new features, and having a single alerting system will ensure that. 

Deprecation Plan

Sumo Logic will keep you informed about the deprecation process. We’ll give you several weeks advance notice before we start the migration process described below. Also, expect to hear from the Sumo Logic Customer Success Team with information about the deprecation and next steps. 
A key element of the deprecation plan is automatic migration of your existing metric monitors. Just before we start migration, we’ll disable the ability to create the old style of metrics monitors from the UI and API. We’ll inform you when we do that. 

We’ll automatically migrate your existing monitors to new monitors on a specific schedule. There will be two migration runs, to accommodate customers that prefer not move their monitors on the first run. We will share the plan for each of the runs with you beforehand. In each run we will perform the following steps:  

  1. If a metrics monitor is in the triggered state, we won't migrate it. We’ll give you a list of your currently triggered monitors. 
  2. If you have a monitor that won’t work with new monitors due to cardinality limits or an unsupported threshold match percentage, we won’t migrate it. We’ll give you a list of monitors that we can’t migrate. 
  3. We’ll migrate all of your other metrics monitors. Note that:
    • Old monitors in the muted state will continue to be muted when moved to the new Monitors page.
    • Old monitors that were active will continue to be active when moved to the new Monitors page.
    • We’ll mute old metrics monitors that were successfully migrated.
  4. We’ll log an audit event for each monitor we successfully migrate.
  5. After migration, we’ll wait two weeks before deleting the muted metrics monitors. This is to ensure that you have enough time to make sure that new functionality works as expected and there are no issues. If you have issues, contact Sumo Logic Support
  6. After the two week period, we will delete the muted old metrics monitors from your account. We’ll log an audit event for each monitor we delete.
  7. If there are monitors that we can’t migrate automatically as described above, you will need to manually move them. You have until the end of deprecation, May 3, to move the monitors, after which the older monitors will be automatically deleted.

Deprecation timeline 

Timeline Action
Week of February 22 Remove the ability to create old-style monitors from the UI and the API.
Week of March 1 Round 1 of automatic migration. We’ll let you know of any monitors we were unable to migrate. 
Week of March 15 Delete muted monitors that were automatically migrated during Round 1.
Week of March 29 Round 2 of automatic migration. We’ll let you know of any monitors we were unable to migrate. 
Week of April 12 Delete muted monitors that were automatically migrated during Round 2.
Week of April 12 to May 3 We’ll send additional communications about the final deprecation date.

Delete any old-style monitors that haven’t been migrated.
May 3 Complete the deprecation of the UI and API for old-style monitors.

Who do I reach out to for questions about the deprecation?

If you have questions about the deprecation, you can:

  • Contact your Technical Account Manager (if applicable), or your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager. 
  • Contact Sumo Logic Support

If you have metrics monitors, the Sumo Logic Customer Success team will contact you directly as well to address any questions you might have.