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Sumo Logic

Metric Metadata Change Throttling

Sumo limits the number of times you can change the metadata for a metric over a 24 hour period.

Sumo Logic supports metadata for metrics. Metadata are non-dimensional key-value pairs that provide some information about a metric, but don't contribute to the unique identification of the metric, as dimensions do.

Sumo limits the number of times you can change the metadata for a metric to six changes per 24 hours. This limit applies to each unique metric in Sumo.   

The following events and actions constitute a metadata change. 

  • A metric source starts sending one or more new metadata tags along with previously included tags.
  • You update the configuration of a Sumo Metadata (Tag) source such that new tags are sent, or tags previously sent are no longer sent. 
  • You add or change metadata tags using Metric Rules Editor.
  • If your metric is improperly configured to include a timestamp or request ID as metadata, metadata updates will come with every data point received

Note that multiple metadata changes to a metric performed at the same time are considered a single change. For example, if you add some tags, modify other tags and remove tags at the same time time, it is considered a single change.

After you reach the limit of six changes per 24 hours for a particular metric, Sumo will stop updating the metadata for that metric. Sumo stops throttling and resumes metadata changes for the metric 24 hours after the first of those six metadata changes was made.