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Sumo Logic

Create a Metrics Query and Visualization

After setting up Sources for metrics data (see Metrics Sources), to view metrics data, select Metrics from the Sumo Logic main menu.

The metrics visualization area is in the upper part of the page and the query area is in the lower part of the page.

To create a metrics visualization:

  1. In Sumo Logic, select Metrics from the top menu.
  2. Create your query or queries in the Query tab, which opens by default when you open the Metrics page.


    Create up to four metrics queries, with each including a combination of the following:
  • Sequence of space-separated tag=value pairs. 
  • Unqualified strings (value with no key).
  • Functions (displayed with | symbol).
  • Aggregation by specified parameters (displayed with | symbol).

    Example 1 (one query):

    Example 1 (one query with aggregation):
    cluster=search node=search-1 metric=cpu-system | avg by node

    Example 2 (two queries)

For more information, see Guidelines for Metrics Queries.

  1. Press Enter in any of the entry fields to display the data in the data visualization area. See Work with Metrics Visualizations to learn how to interact with the visualization and modify settings.

    metrics_first chart.jpg