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Sumo Logic

Monitoring with the Observability Solution

Sumo Logic provides a suite of tools to make discovering issues faster.

After you have set up collection, you can start monitoring your application with the Observability Solution.

Get real-time notifications about issues

With Unified Alerting, you can set up meaningful alerts that instantaneously notify you and your team about changes in state of your system. The intelligent alerting framework minimizes alert noise and alert fatigue so you and your team are not inundated with a lot of notifications, by de-duplicating them, and auto-remediating issues when the system returns to a normal state. The alerting framework is designed to integrate with your incident management workflows with  features such as notification customization, multi-channel notifications, and priority-based notification handling. 


Create more intuitive Visualizations

You can create custom dashboards with New Dashboards to analyze metric and log data in a single view, with the ability to quickly navigate through your data through graphs and data mappings to enable you to quickly identify issues and begin analysis.



Leverage Pre-built Content for Your Infrastructure

Compared to apps, solutions offer more supporting content plus a high-level view of what you may need given your use case.

If you and your team are using AWS services directly, you can leverage AWS Observability for over 40 dashboards that monitor infrastructure on AWS in a comprehensive and intuitive manner across AWS accounts, regions, and resource types down to individual entities.

If you are using Kubernetes to orchestrate your application, you can leverage Kubernetes Observability with views for every major entity in the Kubernetes environment, arranged to help you slice and dice along the dimensions that matter.