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Update AWS Observability Stack

Learn how to update the AWS Observability stack.

An existing stack can be updated using a new version of AWS CloudFormation template or the same version of the AWS CloudFormation template.

Before starting with stack update, make sure no resource is deleted manually as it can lead to stack update failure.

Below are the steps to update an existing stack :

  1. Locate the Main Stack created using AWS CloudFormation template and Click Update.
  2. Select ‘Replace Current Template’ and paste the URL - in the Amazon S3 URL option and select Next.

  3. Keep the pre-filled parameters (as supplied during Stack Create) and Click Next.

  4. Review all the changes listed on the Change Set Review and make sure you're comfortable with these changes.

  5. Select the capabilities and Click Submit.

  6. After the update is complete, the stacks that have been updated successfully will be set to a UPDATE_COMPLETE status.