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Sumo Logic

AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service that provides consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. 

The Sumo App for AWS Observability DynamoDB is a unified logs and metrics (ULM) App that provides operational insights into DynamoDB instances across your infrastructure. Preconfigured app dashboards allow you to monitor key metrics, view the throttle events, errors, latency and help you plan the capacity of DynamoDB instances in your environment.

Log and Metrics Types

The app collects DynamoDB logs and metrics for the following:

Sample Log Message


Query Sample

All IP Threat Count

_sourceCategory=Labs/AWS/DynamoDB account=* namespace=* "\"eventSource\":\"\""
| json "eventName", "awsRegion", "requestParameters.tableName", "sourceIPAddress", "userIdentity.userName" as event_name, Region, entity, ip_address, user
| where Region matches "*" and tolowercase(entity) matches "*"
| where ip_address != "" and ip_address != ""
| count as ip_count by ip_address
| lookup type, actor, raw, threatlevel as malicious_confidence from sumo://threat/cs on threat=ip_address 
| json field=raw "labels[*].name" as label_name 
| replace(label_name, "\\/","->") as label_name
| replace(label_name, "\""," ") as label_name
| where  type="ip_address" and !isNull(malicious_confidence)
| if (isEmpty(actor), "Unassigned", actor) as Actor
| sum (ip_count) as threat_count