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Set Up the Atlassian Solution

This page shows you how to set up the Atlassian Solution, installing and configuring the apps of your choice.

You can set up the complete Atlassian Solution using the automated Terraform script, or you can choose to manually configure individual Solution components for a customized configuration. 

Using the Terraform script

The Terraform Template automates the setup of all the necessary resources for collecting Atlassian product logs and displaying the data in Sumo Logic pre-configured intuitive-analytic dashboards.

Follow the instructions on this page to setup Atlassian Solution using the automated Terraform script.

Manually configuring the Atlassian Solution

You can choose to manually configure the Atlassian Solution to customize it for your specific environment. Manually configuring the Atlassian Solution is a two step process. First you configure the Webhooks for the necessary apps, then you install the individual apps. 

Step 1. Set up Webhooks

Configure the Webhooks in the following order, by clicking the links and following the instructions:

  1. Jira - Configure the Webhook appropriate for your site:

  • Jira Cloud - Create Jira issues in Jira Cloud from scheduled search alerts.
  • Jira (Server) - Create Jira issues in Jira Server (on-prem) from scheduled search alerts.
  1. Jira Service Desk - Create Jira issues in Jira Service Desk from scheduled search alerts.

  2. Opsgenie - Send alerts to Opsgenie from scheduled searches.

Install the individual apps in the following order by clicking the links and following the installation instructions:

  1. Jira App - Provides insight into Jira usage, request activity, issues, security, sprint events, and user events.  

  1. Bitbucket App - Provides insights into project management that enables you to more effectively plan and manage the deployments. 

  2. Opsgenie App - Provides at-a-glance views and detailed analytics for alerts on your DevOps environment, allowing you to effectively monitor and gain valuable insights into your incidents and incident handling operations.

  3. Atlassian App - Integrate all your Atlassian cloud tools with real-time monitoring capabilities across your environment.