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Collector Release Notes

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Collector Release Notes for the current year are listed here. If you need to see previous Collector Release Notes, check the Archive.

You can upgrade Installed Collectors in the following ways:

May 11, 2020 (19.288-10)

February 13, 2020 (19.288-3)

  • Syslog forwarding supports the option to forward syslog messages without prepending the Collector hostname and timestamp on messages.
  • Installed Collectors on AWS EC2 instances automatically get the availabilityZone from AWS instance identity documents.
  • Host Metrics Sources collect total CPU usage.
  • Bundled JRE version upgraded to
  • Beta release: For our new Archive feature, we’ve added a new Processing Rule type named Archive messages that match that allows you to archive log data at the source level on Installed Collectors. To participate contact your Sumo account executive or sign up for an enterprise trial account. Existing Beta customers should upgrade to this version for our latest security library updates.
  • Beta release: Collectors send health event data to Sumo Logic such as file path issues, missing heartbeats, throttling events, and when Ingest Budget capacities are reached. Check out our Service Release Note that provides further details. To participate contact your Sumo Logic account executive or sign up for an enterprise trial account.
  • Bug Fix: Docker Log Sources could duplicate logs on container restart.