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September 14, 2020


New - We’re pleased to inform you that a new collection process to export metrics from vRops is now available.

September 10, 2020


New - Participating in Sumo Logic beta programs just got easier. Now, your Account Owner can opt-in to our beta terms and conditions from the Account page in the Sumo UI. You can do the paperwork once, and get access to beta features faster.

September 3, 2020


Update - Auto-Subscribe AWS Log Groups to a Lambda Function integration is updated with configurable delay and support for filtering log groups using tags.

September 1, 2020


New - The AWS Observability Solution simplifies the monitoring and troubleshooting of your AWS cloud infrastructure. Switching across multiple AWS accounts, regions and services to understand service health? Get intuitive views and search capabilities across your AWS hierarchies with our AWS Observability Solution. Get real-time insight in minutes with over 40 out-of-the-box dashboards.


New - Root Cause Explorer is an AWS Observability add-on that helps your on-call staff, DevOps, and infrastructure engineers accelerate troubleshooting and root cause isolation for incidents in their apps and micro services running on AWS. Root Cause Explorer helps you correlate unusual spikes also known as Events of Interest (EOIs) in AWS CloudWatch metrics, using the context associated with the incident. 



New - We are excited to announce the release of the Metrics filter operator. You can use the filter operator to limit the results returned by a metric query. There are several ways you can restrict results whether by aggregation function, or on how many times the value of individual data points meet a value condition over a particular duration.

Update - We’ve updated the Host Metrics Source to improve your metrics query experience. We’ve added a new dimension to the network interface metrics that the source collects: description. So, now you can query network interface metrics by the network interface description.


Update - Global Intelligence for AWS CloudTrail is now Global Intelligence for AWS CloudTrail SecOps. You can detect potentially malicious configuration changes in your AWS account by comparing AWS CloudTrail events in your account against a cohort of AWS customers. CloudTrail events are curated from AWS penetration tests and operational best practices. We’ve reduced false positives by filtering out AWS CloudTrail events from legitimate cloud services including AWS itself and CloudHealth by VMware. 

August 21, 2020


New - We're pleased to announce the Artifactory 7 Logs support in the Artifactory App. You can Install the App by selecting the desired version from dropdown.​​​​​​

August 14, 2020


New - We're pleased to announce the etcd3 support in the Kubernetes Control Plane App which provides immediate visibility into etcd3 health, cache statistics, resource usage, and etcd3 logs for quick analysis. On account of metrics renaming in 1.16, the Kubernetes Control Plane App is now available in the below two versions:​​​​​​

  • Kubernetes 1.16 or later.
  • Kubernetes 1.15 or earlier.


August 10, 2020


New - Health Events are now available to all paid accounts. This includes all Enterprise accounts, and also the Cloud Flex Professional and Cloud Flex Credits Essentials account types. Health events allow you to keep track of the health of your Collectors and Sources. You can use them to find and investigate common errors and warnings that are known to cause collection issues. When used in combination with our Enterprise Audit Apps, Health Events provide a proactive monitoring framework, differentiated from our competitors’ reactive solutions, where you need to debug data collection after having suffered data loss or downtime. At present, Health Events provide observability for Collectors and Sources, however, the framework will be extended to other areas of our service as development continues.

health events table.png

Collection health column.png

August 7, 2020


Update - StackRox is updated with security policies to support logical operators. You can now use the AND, OR, and NOT Boolean operators to combine the policy criteria to create highly specific security policies. It also allows you to narrow down the searches to discover the precise image contents, deployment configurations, or runtime activities.

New - We're pleased to announce the CoreDNS support in the Kubernetes App which provides immediate visibility into CoreDNS health, activity and gives an overview of resource usage within clusters.


August 5, 2020


New - We've a new way to collect CloudWatch Logs using the CloudFormation template which uses the Sumo HTTP Endpoint stored securely in AWS SSM Parameter Store.

August 3, 2020


New - We've released a new metric operator: outlier. You can use the outlier operator in metric queries to identify and visualize metrics data points that are outside the range of expected values.


July 30, 2020


New - Archive lets you forward log data from Installed Collectors to AWS S3 buckets to collect at a later time. If you have logs that you don't need to search immediately, you can archive them for later and ingest them on-demand with hourly granularity.

The key new components provided are:

  • An AWS Archive Destination that lets you set up your AWS S3 buckets as archive destinations.
  • A Processing Rule type, “Archive messages that match” that archives log data with Installed Collector Sources.
  • An AWS S3 Archive Source to ingest data from an Archive destination.
  • An Archive page to view all the AWS S3 Archive Sources and ingestion jobs in your account, as well as creating ingestion jobs.

archive page.png

July 23, 2020

Dashboard (New)

New - We're proud to announce the release of Dashboard (New), which provides you deeper visual control across logs and metrics data-sources, so you can build the perfect dashboard for your monitoring and troubleshooting needs. This is the first of many cool updates as we build towards a dashboard framework that is visually expressive, troubleshooting optimized, and hyper-performant.

dashboard RN.png

July 10, 2020


Update - The Cloudflare app dashboards have been substantially improved with optimized queries by eliminating unwanted parsing and enhancing the lookup positions through optimization.