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Sumo Logic

Search from the Field Browser

The Field Browser drill-down feature is available only for non-aggregate searches. Aggregate searches are not supported. 

Depending on the type of field you want to drill down into, you can run searches in two ways:

  • Drilldown searches. Depending on if the field contains a string or numerical value, there are default drilldown searches that you can run by simply clicking the name of the search.
  • Histogram. Clicking a value in the histogram runs a new search on that value.

About histograms

The histogram shows the top ten values (by percentage) of a field. If there are fewer than ten values returned you'll see fewer than ten values. 


Searches for numerical fields

When you click a numerical field ( ) seven drilldown search options are displayed:


Searches for fields containing strings

Three drilldown search options are displayed:


Launching a search from the Field Browser

The drilldown searches can be launched with just a click, opening a new search tab.

To launch a drilldown search from the Field Browser:

  1. Run a search.
  2. In the Field Browser column, click a field.
  3. Click one of the Drilldown search options. A new search window is opened, and the search begins.