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Sumo Logic

Report Slow Search

If you notice that a search returns results slower than usual, you can let Sumo Logic know by clicking the Report Slow Search link under the search text box.

This sends specific information to Sumo Logic, similar to a crash report, including:

  • The search query
  • The time range of the search
  • The session ID
  • How long the query ran before you reported the slow search.
  • How much of the query had completed when you reported it.
  • The user who reported slow search

By sharing this data, Sumo Logic can better understand conditions and root causes that result in slower search performance, improving the overall experience.

Does this open a support ticket?

No. Reporting a slow search sends information about the search you’re running to our Search Performance team, but does not open a support ticket. If you’re experiencing ongoing sluggish searches, or consistently having trouble with one specific search, you can open a Support ticket for more help.

Can I expect to hear back from Sumo Logic about my search?

Generally, the information you send is compiled with other data, and follow-up isn’t necessary.

What can I do to speed up my searches?

Sumo Logic has several search optimization tools that you could try, especially for searches you run frequently. To learn more, check out our webinar, Optimizing Your Search Experience.

To report a slow search

  1. While your search is running, if you notice it’s taking longer than normal to complete, click Report Slow Search.
  2. Click the X to close the confirmation dialog (if it doesn’t disappear).