The Sumo Logic Log Analysis QuickStart Application was created especially for new users of the Sumo Logic service. The app includes generic searches to extract important information from your log files, independent of where they were generated. 

To give joint customers of New Relic and Sumo Logic even more options to view data, joint customers can view their Windows events from the Log Analysis QuickStart application in their New Relic Dashboards. You can learn more about the capabilities of the New Relic integration in this New Relic blog post

Data is uploaded every minute from Sumo Logic to New Relic. You will notice a ten-minute delay as your Sumo Logic data is ingested and then displayed.

Important: Part of this installation requires making changes to configuration properties. There are security implications to these edits, so before making changes, make sure that your corporate policies allow for the changes. Additionally, you’ll need valid Sumo Logic account credentials.

Install the Log Analysis QuickStart app

Log in to your Sumo Logic account. Then use the instructions in Sumo Logic Help to install the Log Analysis QuickStart App.

To install the Log Analysis QuickStart plugin:

1. Download the compressed file (genericEvents- attached to this article.

2. Unpack the plugin into a directory on the host server.

3. Open the newly unpacked /genericEvents- directory

4. Open the file for edit. Under the value for  LicenseKey, enter your New Relic license key.

licenseKey = f263da765876851fd8c78d419b91b298ee85xxxx

5. Open the file and make the following edits:

Under SumoLogicUser, add your Sumo Logic access ID. See Access Keys for more information.

SumoLogicUser = myaccessid

Under SumoLogicPassword, add your Sumo Logic access key. See Access Keys for more information.

SumoLogicPassword = myaccesskey

6. Execute the jar file, allowing for background execution of the plugin:

java -jar genericEvents- &


No data is ingested after installation: Make sure your properties files for New Relic and Sumo Logic are correct. Additionally, confirm that your credentials are correct.

The plugin stops running: Restart the plug-in by repeating step 3 (above). It’s recommended that the plugin be a monitored process to ensure that the data stream is continuous.

Data in New Relic appears different than it does in Sumo Logic: Due to the ten minute delay, data may not look the same in both places.