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Sumo Logic

Multiple Live Tails

Sumo Logic Live Tail supports running two Live Tail sessions at a time per browser tab. You can start a second Live Tail session from the Live Tail page, or from the Search page.

Start a second Live Tail session

  1. From the Live Tail page, click the + button to add a Live Tail session. 
  2. A second pane opens on the Live Tail page.
  3. Enter a query and click Run

Start up to four Live Tail sessions

If you'd like to start a third or fourth Live Tail session, click the + button, and your third and fourth sessions will open in a new window.

There is a limit of four Live Tail sessions per user.

Stop a Live Tail session

  1. To stop one Live Tail session, click the ... menu in the pane you want to stop and select Stop Live Tail.
  2. The Live Tail session is stopped and the pane closes.
  3. The second Live Tail session continues running.

Stop all Live Tail sessions

  1. Click the ... menu at the top of the page and select Stop All Live Tails
  2. Both Live Tail sessions are stopped and the panes are closed.