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Sumo Logic

Pop Out Live Tail to a New Window

On the Live Tail page, you can open, or "pop out" a running Live Tail session into a new browser window. This way, you can move the new window to another screen, or watch it separately from the browser window where Sumo Logic is running.

There is a limit of two Live Tail "pop out" windows per user.

Open a Live Tail session in a new window

  1. On the Live Tail page, or from the Search page, start a new Live Tail session.
  2. On the Live Tail page, select the elipses icon on the Live Tail tab and select Pop Out (select Open in a New Wind in the classic UI).
  3. A new browser window opens and the current Live Tail session runs in the new window.

Stop the Live Tail Session 

  1. Click the ... menu at the top of the page and select Stop Live Tail.
  2. The Live Tail session is stopped.