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Sumo Logic

AWS Lambda ULM

AWS Lambda allows you to run code without the burden of provisioning or managing servers. The Sumo Logic App for AWS Lambda ULM is a unified logs and metrics (ULM) app that helps you monitor the operational and performance trends in the Lambda functions in your account.

Log and Metric Types 

The section describes the log and metric data that Sumo's AWS Lambda ULM app uses.

AWS CloudWatch Logs

AWS Lambda monitors Lambda functions, and reports metrics through Amazon CloudWatch. Lambda then logs all requests handled by your function and stores logs through AWS CloudWatch Logs.

The Sumo Logic App for AWS Lambda ULM uses the Lambda logs via CloudWatch and visualizes operational and performance trends about all the Lambda functions in your account, providing insight into executions such as memory and duration usage, broken down by function versions or aliases.

CloudTrail Lambda Data Events

CloudTrail Lambda Data Events allow you to continuously monitor the execution activity of your Lambda functions, and to record details on when and by whom an Invoke API call was made. 

The Sumo Logic App for AWS Lambda provide insights into the Lambda Functions invocation by Function name, version, AWS service, and threat details, by using the CloudTrail Lambda Data Events that capture and record the activities in your Lambda functions.


AWS Lambda CloudWatch Metrics

AWS Lambda automatically monitors functions on your behalf, reporting AWS Lambda metrics through Amazon CloudWatch. These metrics are collected by our Hosted Collector by configuring Amazon CloudWatch source. 

The Sumo Logic App for AWS Lambda provide insights into the Lambda Functions invocations, IteratorAge for stream-based invocations, Errors, Dead Letter Errors, Concurrent Executions, Unreserved Concurrent Executions, Duration, Throttles by Function and Time based Comparison.