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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Open Source Projects

Sumo Logic provides open-source solutions and resources for customers via GitHub.

Sumo Logic Developers on GitHub

Sumo Logic Developers on GitHub is a central location that lists all of the open-source repositories that Sumo Logic is aware of. Repos are divided into three categories:

  1. Official Sumo Logic Repositories
  2. Sumo Experts
  3. Third-party Integrations

For complete details, visit

Sumo Logic GitHub

Browse the official Sumo Logic GitHub repository for CLI clients, Collectors, log appenders, and other tools that will enable you to send your data to Sumo Logic.

The following open-source solutions are collected in Sumo Logic’s GitHub repository at For complete documentation of each solution, see the readme file.

Logging Integration Libraries

Solution Description


This solution is a log router for Docker container output that runs entirely inside Docker. It attaches to all containers on a host, then routes their logs wherever you want.


This solution is a Logstash Sumo Logic output plugin.


This solution is a Python script to collect event logs from Okta.


ScalaLogging provides a Scala logging library wrapping SLF4J and Log4j 2 in a convenient and performant fashion.


This solution is a Log4J appender that sends straight to Sumo Logic.


This solution is a Maven plugin to report build statistics to Sumo Logic.


Sumo Logic Lambda Functions are designed to collect and process data from a variety of sources and pass it onto the Sumo Logic platform. Here, the data can be stored, aggregated, searched, and visualized for a variety of insightful use cases. For complete details, see Collect CloudWatch Logs Using a Lambda Function.


This repository offers several variants of Docker images to run the Sumo Logic Collector. When images are run, the Collector automatically registers with the Sumo Logic service and create sources based on a sumo-sources.json file. The Collector is configured ephemeral.


A Sumo Logic Jenkins plugin.


The Kinesis-Sumologic Connector is a Java connector that acts as a pipeline between an Amazon Kinesis stream and a  Sumo Logic Collector. Data is fetched from the Kinesis Stream, transformed into a POJO, and then sent to the Sumologic Collection as JSON. For complete details, see Sumo Logic App for Amazon VPC Flow Logs using Kinesis.


This solution is a Log4J 2 appender that sends straight to Sumo Logic.


Several appenders for .NET developers to use that send logs straight to Sumo Logic.


Solution Description
dmail A simple way to capture a screenshot of a Sumo Logic Dashboard, which is then embedded into an email.
livetail-cli The Live Tail Command Line Interface (CLI) is a standalone application that allows you to start and use a Live Tail session from the command line, similar to tail -f The output is directed to stdout - so you can pipe the output to commands (grep, awk, etc.). For complete details, see Live Tail CLI.
sumo-report-generator This tool allows a user to execute multiple searches, and compile the data in a single report. Currently, the only format is Excel. Each tab in Excel would correspond to a search executed in Sumo Logic. NOTE: You must have access to the Sumo Search API in order to use this tool.
sumobot This solution is a Sumo Logic Slack bot.


API Clients and Management Scripts

Solution Description
collector-management-client This solution is A Python script for quickly managing a subset of Installed Collectors.
sumo-collector-puppet-module This solution is a Puppet module for installing the Sumo Logic Collector. This downloads the Collector from the Internet, so Internet access is required on your machines.
sumo-java-client This library provides a Java client to execute searches on the data collected by Sumo Logic.
sumo-powershell-sdk This is a community-supported Windows PowerShell Module to work with the Sumo Logic REST API. It is free and open source, subject to the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.
sumologic-collector-chef-cookbook This solution is a Chef Cookbook for installing and configuring the Sumo Logic Collector. The Cookbook installs the Collector or updates an existing one if it was set to use Local Configuration File Management.
sumologic-python-sdk This solution is a Community-supported Python interface to the Sumo Logic REST API.