There are two places where you can see which version of software an Installed Collector is running: from the Sumo Logic Web Application and in the Collector logs. 

Sumo Logic Web Application

To check the version of the Collector: 

  1. In Sumo Logic select Manage Data > Collection (Manage > Collection in the classic UI). 
  2. Find the collector, and hover the mouse over the collector's name. 
  3. Details about the collector, including the software version number, are displayed. 

Collector logs

To check the version of the Collector: 

  1. Go to the collector's [install_directory]/logs directory. (For example, /opt/SumoCollector/logs, /usr/local/SumoCollector or C:\Program Files (x86)\Sumo Logic Collector>.)
  2. View the collector.out.log file.
  3. You will find a Sumo Logic banner that contains the version number, as shown.