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Sumo Logic

Data Types

Sumo Logic Apps deliver out-of-the-box Dashboards, saved searches, and field extraction for popular data Sources. When you install a Sumo Logic App, these pre-set searches and Dashboards are customized with your source configurations and populated in a folder selected by you.

Sumo Logic provides a wide variety of Apps for the data Sources you use. 

  • Some apps are labeled as Beta in the app catalog. These apps are not officially supported by Sumo Logic Support, and documentation instructions are not final. To provide feedback, report a bug, or get help, log into the Sumo Logic Community, and post to the topic for your Preview App.
  • To interact with other Sumo Logic users, post feedback, or ask a question, visit the Sumo Logic Community Apps Forum. ​

Watch our Video "Sumo Logic Apps" here.