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Sumo Logic

Configure a Hosted Collector

A Hosted Collector is not installed on a local system in your deployment. Instead, Sumo Logic hosts the Collector (along with a Collector's Sources) in AWS. With a Hosted Collector, you can configure Amazon S3 Sources, allowing you to move data from your S3 bucket directly in to Sumo Logic, or HTTP Sources, that you'll use to upload data through a secure URL. A single Hosted Collector can be configured with any number of S3 and HTTP Sources.

Configure a Hosted Collector

  1. In Sumo Logic select Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
  2. Click Add Collector.
  3. Click Hosted Collector.
  4. In the Add Collector dialog box, type a Name for the Collector as well as an optional DescriptionCategory, and Time Zone. Then click Save.


After the Collector has been set up, it appears on the Collection page as a Hosted Collector.

Collector_types_ hosted.png 

Next Step: Configure a Source

Once you have configured your Hosted Collector, the next step is to configure Sources. 

For instructions, go to Sources, and click the tab Sources for Hosted Collectors