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Sumo Logic

Download a Collector from a Static URL

Use the following URLs to download the most recent version of a Collector. The URLs are static; the version of the Collector will be updated each time there is a release or patch.

You can download a collector to your host using the following URLs:

  1. Open a terminal window or command prompt, depending on your host type.
  2. Invoke a web request utility such as wget or Invoke-WebRequest.
    For example if you're on a Linux 64-bit host, you can wget the collector from the command line:

sudo wget "" -O && sudo chmod +x

 Or, if you are using PowerShell on a Windows 64-bit host you can use Invoke-WebRequest:

PS C:\> Invoke-WebRequest '' -outfile '<your_installation_path>'

URLs for each pod by host type

Each production environment (US1, US2, EU, and AU) has URLs used to download Collector software. If you're not sure which pod you're using, check the login page  to see if US2, EU, or AU appears in the URL.