I am unable to create an Amazon S3 bucket source. When I try, the message Unable to create a Source. Internal error (Server Error) is displayed at the top of the page. I verified that my access key and ID are valid and made sure that no characters were lost or extra spaces were added when copying and pasting into the input fields. My S3 bucket is located in Frankfurt, which is a new region created after January 2014.



This is a known issue introduced by a process change at Amazon. Sumo Logic currently defaults to AWS V2 authentication, as dictated by Amazon's SDK, while S3 buckets in new regions created after January 2012 require V4 authentication.

Try recreating your bucket in a different S3 region to confirm that this is the issue.


You can use a third party tool called s3cmd to test connectivity to your S3 bucket: http://s3tools.org/s3cmd.

Once installed, run the following command to list the contents of your bucket:

s3cmd ls -d s3://your_bucket_name

You should be able to see all contents of your bucket, assuming the access key and ID has access. However, if the following error is returned, you will need to recreate your S3 bucket in a different region until Sumo Logic code is updated to default to V4 authentication:

ERROR: S3 error: 400 (InvalidRequest): The authorization mechanism you have provided is not supported. Please use AWS4-HMAC-SHA256.